Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apologies to the Netbeans build system!

I need to make an apology - to the netbeans maven build system!

You see I spent so much time trying to get Glassfish work as an EJB backend, that when it swapped over to JBoss and things wheren't going my way from the outset I blamed the netbeans maven build system...

In my previous post I have an exceedingly long pom file removing all of the transitive dependencies from the JBoss-Client artifact.
If I had just had a little faith and not worked on an assumption, I would have discovered that the build system actually takes care of transitive dependencies for you!

What does this mean?
1) You don't actually need that whole (1000 line) pom file.

2) You can declare the dependancy as


instead of


When you are creating the Netbeans platform application.

lesson - don't  make assumptions!

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